User-to-user chat, group chat and live support are all available in one click

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On Capcade you can quickly message your colleagues, partners or any other internal or external collaborator no matter where you are on the platform instantly.

Creating new one-to-one chats and group chats

  1. Click the chat icon in the lower right

  2. Click the pencil icon

  3. Start typing the names or emails of the contact(s) you want to message

  4. Click start

  5. Begin your message thread

Simply return to the chat icon to respond or write new messages in your chats.

Accessing help articles and live support

  1. Click the chat icon in the lower right

  2. Select the "Need help?" button option on the button of the window

  3. From here you can access all the functions of the help center, including:

    1. live support via the "Send us a message" button

    2. all support articles (like this one) when you scroll down

    3. the ability to book a live demo or training session free of charge

When you have unread chats waiting for you in Capcade you'll get an email notification alerting you.

To explore other ways you can message stakeholders on Capcade you can visit our collection or articles below or book a live demo!

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