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Create a workspace on Capcade and invite internal and external collaborators

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A workspace is home for various tools you can leverage on Capcade, these include a summary, data room, transaction builder, file request, and task list.

Workspaces can be shared internally or externally, with each module inside the workspace having its own dedicated permissions.

Creating a Workspace

  1. Click Create

  2. Choose a template for which tools you want to add to the workspace

    1. these templates can be customized depending on your plan - contact us to learn more

    2. also depending on your plan, you can edit the tools inside your workspace later

  3. Give the workspace a name and description (optional)

  4. Set the admins for this workspace

    1. admins will get all permissions

    2. if you leave this field blank you will be an admin by default

  5. Click Next

Editing Modules

If your plan allows, you can add more modules, rename modules and reorder modules as you create your workspace.

This can be done from the creation wizard or in Settings tab in the workspace itself.

To learn more about workspaces visit our collection.

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