Canvases are flexible by nature to empower you to showcase a particular opportunity, marketplace or portfolio

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Canvas modules

The interactive canvas module allows users to showcase their workspaces, by showing key components/information/contacts, through a selection of widgets. A canvas module enables users to:

  • Provide context to workspace content (e.g. tasks, documents, connections etc.) with immersive media-rich and easy to build summary pages

  • Use widget to highlight key elements of workspace modules and data from data rooms in a compelling and visually appealing way

  • Embed from any cloud-based solution from YouTube videos to BI dashboards

The canvas module is highly customizable and has several widget options users can make use of. It has is a user friendly drag and drop design so users can easily create a compelling and informative canvas that is connected to their workspace, marketplace or portfolio.

Creating a canvas

  1. Select the workspace, marketplace or portfolio you want to add a canvas to

  2. Go to the "Settings" tab

  3. Scroll to the "Modules" section

  4. Here, add a "Canvas"

  5. From this section, you can rename the canvas, re-order it in the modules list or delete it

  6. The canvas has it's own set of permissions that you can adjust for internal and external collaborators

Editing a canvas

Once in the canvas, you can choose among a selection of widgets to include. To start editing your canvas and adding widgets, simply toggle on "Edit layout" at the top right corner.

You can choose from a wide variety of widgets to create a compelling story with your canvas. These include:

  • A free text/text box tool

  • A gallery where you can insert one or several pictures from your computer or the Unsplash image library

  • A location with a customizable map

  • Individual tasks, or lists of tasks

  • Contacts for key personnel

  • A preview of a document

  • A timeline tool

  • SDG goals that are relevant

  • A list of transactions connected in the workspace

  • Embed content directly from other tools e.g. YouTube, Matterport, etc.

All the widgets can be renamed by clicking directly on the title. They can also be reshaped and repositioned on the page as needed.

To learn more about Canvas visit the collection of articles in our help guide.

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