You can easily search across workspaces and data rooms to find the files and folders you need

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Search in Capcade

Capcade Search allows you to quickly find files and folders you are looking for across all data rooms[1].

  1. Simply enter the search term in the upper left search field.

  2. List of most relevant options[2] will appear.

  3. If the object you are looking for does appear in most relevant options – click on See All Results.

You can search by:

  • Files/folders names

  • Content of the files[3]

Filter your search

Advanced search page allows users to narrow down their search using search terms, filters, or the combination of both.

You can filter the list of results by:

  • Title only – displaying files and folders containing the search term in the title

  • Data room – displaying the files only from data rooms you have View permission in

  • Date modified – displaying the files created or edited within the selected period

  • Creator – displaying the files created or uploaded by people in your Contacts

  • Type – displaying the files based on the category they belong to

  • Tag – displaying the files based on the Entity tags they have been tagged with

If at any point you need to start the search all over with clear filters, you can click on Reset All.

Saving your search

Capcade also allows you to save filters to quickly find predefined searches based on the criteria whenever you need it.

To Save a Filter:

  1. Type in a search term or apply a filter.

  2. When the 'Save' button enables, click it.

  3. Give your filter a unique name.

  4. It's saved in the sidebar for easy access whenever you need it!

Save search

Additionally, if you would like to get notified whenever a new file or folder matching your search criteria appears:

  • When setting up your search, tick the box that says "Notify me when new results are found".

  • Capcade will spot any new files or folders that match your search and send you a daily notification at 9 AM.

You can always find and manage saved search filters in the sidebar.


[1] The search on Capcade will always display only the files and folders you have the access to across all data rooms you are allowed to see.

[2] The relevancy of the findings is rated based on the algorithm ranking the exact phrase match in title/content the highest, and then partial matches or fuzzy matches in title/content sequentially.

[3] The search for Content on Capcade allows you to find files and folders containing a word or a phrase mentioned in a document, PDF, image or even a Video. These options however, depend on the set of features enabled to your organization.

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