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Locations in Canvas
Locations in Canvas

Add a map to your canvas to highlight key locations relating to your project

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Location widgets (maps) in canvas

Add a location widget, or multiple location widgets, to a canvas to showcase the location of your project or any key geographical information.

Adding location widgets to a canvas

  1. Visit the relevant workspace that has a canvas module, or add a canvas module

  2. Toggle the "Edit layout" button to the on position

  3. Click "Locations" from the available widget options

  4. Click the "+" button to add a location to your location widget

  5. Enter the location where you would like to add a pin on the map. Some considerations below:

    • You can add multiple pins on a map

    • To remove a pin, right click on the pin

    • Use the zoom to save the map to your desired view point

  6. Zoom in and out of the map to ensure the pinned locations appear in the frame of the widget

  7. Click "Save"

Maps, like all widgets in the canvas, can be resized by clicking the lower right hand of the widget and dragging to your desired size.

To learn more about Canvas visit the collection of articles in our help guide.

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