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Reference tasks to relevant information to help in the execution of activities

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Referencing in tasks

Add references (links) to tasks that contain important context about the task. References can be:

  • Contacts

  • Workspaces

  • Data Room items - files & folders

Add a reference to a task

  1. Navigate to the workspace that contains a task module

  2. Navigate to the relevant task module

  3. Click on the task in question

  4. Click on the "+" icon in the right hand side navigation panel

  5. Select what type of reference you would like to add

  6. Navigate to the item you would like to reference and add it to the task - multiple references can be added per task, if required

Please note, if the workspace isn't restricted, you can reference any contact in your contact book, and any workspace module or data room item, where you have permissions, not just the workspace you are currently working in.

View task references in the document viewer

If you have referenced a data room file to a task, you will be able to see the task within the document viewer under the "References" section in the right hand panel.

Please note that you will need to have the necessary permissions to view the task in order for it to be visible in the file viewer.

To learn more about tasks, visit the collection of articles in our help guide.

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