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Embed External Tools in Canvases
Embed External Tools in Canvases

Embedding tools you know and love directly into your canvas module to enrich showcases

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Embed and display external tools in canvases

Unlock even more value in your canvas module by embedding links to other tools (applications) you already use, quick and easily.

Applications currently available for use in the canvas

Currently canvas modules can be enhanced with views from Airtable, videos from YouTube and Vimeo, interactive walkthroughs from Matterport, advanced maps with and presentations from to bring your opportunity to life.

The list is growing every day. Let us know what tools you'd like us to add!

Add a widget to embed an external tool

  1. Visit the relevant workspace that has a canvas module, or add a canvas module

  2. Toggle the "Edit layout" button to the on position

  3. Click "Embed" from the available widget options

  4. You can also click the pencil icon to edit an existing embed widget

  5. Click the "Add content" button to add a new piece of embedded content

  6. Paste in the code of the embedded content, obtained from the external application (see below for application-specific help)

  7. Click "Save"

Obtain the code necessary to embed an external application

To see how to obtain the code necessary to embed each application, see our list of help articles below:

Embed widgets, like all widgets in the canvas, can be resized by clicking the lower right hand of the widget and dragging to your desired size. Resize the embed widget to recommended size for the application.

To learn more about canvases, visit our collection below!

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