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Embed Airtable in Summary Pages

Combining the visual power of Airtable views and the connected power of summary in Capcade

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Airtable and Capcade

Airtable view is a a powerful tool for organizing and presenting information, you can now bring in custom Airtable views into Capcade summary.

By adding an Airtable view to your summary page, you can present information on the transaction in a clear and organized manner, making it easier for potential investors or buyers to understand and evaluate the deal.

Use Airtable to enhance your workspace, help investors evaluate opportunities and move forward in the deal process with the right investors and improve deal outcomes.

Embedding Airtable in summary

Airtable views can be embed into Capcade summary module embed widgets in a few easy steps:

Step 1: Create an Airtable view

In Airtable, navigate to the table containing the data you want to display, and click on the "Views" dropdown menu and create the required visualisation in Airtable.

Step 2: Create the Airtable embed code

Once you have created the view, click on the "Share" button in the top-right corner of your Airtable view.

This In the dropdown menu, select "Embed this view on your site" and follow the prompts to generate the embed code.

Preview the how the view will display in desktop and mobile and copy embed code if you are happy.

Step 3: Create an embed widget in summary

Create an embed widget in your summary by following the steps outlined in the embed in summary help guideline. Save your changes, and your Airtable view will be available to all users with the appropriate permissions in the workspace.

For more information on how to share embed views in Airtable follow the link to their help article.

Users will now be able to view Airtable views as part of the summary, highlighting key information in an engaging and user friendly manner, and provide answers to due diligence questions before they arise.

To learn more about summaries, visit our collection below!

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