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Assist investors assess real estate opportunities with data-enriched map visualizations

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Updated over a week ago and Capcade allows users to create custom maps and visualizations that can now be embedded in Capcade's summary module to help investors digest complex location based data and create engaging interactive map visualizations to explore investment information.

This is particularly useful to real estate investors where location of the property is a key investment consideration. For real estate funds with large portfolios of properties, visual representations of the portfolio help investors understand the distribution of properties in the portfolio.

Embedding in a summary

Mapcreator's data-enriched interactive maps can be embedded into Capcade summary module embed widgets in a few easy steps:

Step 1: Create your map on

Create your custom map on Mapcreator by selecting your map style, adding data layers and customizing the appearance of your map.

Step 2: Create the Mapcreator embed code

Once you have created your map, to extract your interactive map from Mapcreator, choose Export from the left sidebar, and choose WEB from Filetype. When you exported your project, you get a URL to your map and an embed code.

Step 3: Create an embed widget in summary

Create an embed widget in your summary by following the steps outlined in the embed in summary help guideline. Save your changes, and your Mapcreator custom map will be available to all users with the appropriate permissions in the workspace.

For more information on how to share embed maps, follow the link to Mapcreator's help article.

Embedding Mapcreator into your summary provides investors with location based data to help identify potential risks and value upside of the opportunity in order to make better informed investment decisions, improving the quality of decision making and the time to decisions.

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