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Embed Vimeo in Summary Pages
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Vimeo and Capcade

Videos are a highly engaging way to present information and are a great way of capturing the attention of potential investors, showcasing key features and highlighting unique selling points of the opportunity. Videos provide a personal touch, particularly if members of the team appear in the videos.

Embedding Vimeo in summary

Vimeo videos can be embedded into Capcade summary module embed widgets in a few easy steps:

Step 1: Find Vimeo video you want to embed

If the video isn't on Vimeo yet, create the video and publish to Vimeo. In your library, select link icon and copy embed code.

Step 2: Create the Vimeo embed code

After clicking the "Share" button, a pop-up window will appear with several sharing options. To obtain the embed code for your video, click on the "Embed" button. You'll then see a field with a long string of code in it. Choose "responsive". Highlight the code and or click "copy embed code" call to action to copy it.

Make sure that the video is set to "public" in video settings, otherwise the video will not render in your widget.

Step 3: Create an embed widget in summary

Create an embed widget in your summary by following the steps outlined in the embed in summary help guideline. Save your changes, and your Vimeo videos will be available to all users with the appropriate permissions in the workspace.

For more information on how to share embed videos with Vimeo follow the link to their help article.

Embedding Vimeo videos into summary investment showcases are a great marketing tool to bring investors up to speed with opportunity in an engaging and compelling way, increasing interest for the opportunity.

This can improve the outcome of a transaction by increasing the number of interested parties, while also improving the efficiency of due diligence process by providing information up-front in a transparent and easy to digest manner - decreasing the quantum of follow up questions.

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