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Efficiently share an entire folder from a data room

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Share Folders with Capcade users

Users can quickly share one or more folders to other registered users on Capcade.

Share a folder, or multiple folders

  1. Navigate to the data room with the folder(s) you wish to share

  2. Select the folder(s) you with to share and right click

  3. Click "Restricted share"

  4. Alternatively, select the folder you wish to share by ticking the box next to the folder name, followed by clicking the action button (•••) and then "Restricted share"

  5. Invite the Capcade users or groups you want to share the folder with by entering their names in the "Connections" section

  6. Specify the type of permission (View only, download and print, or edit) you would like them to have - the default will be "View only"

If the users you want to share the folder with aren't yet registered to Capcade, you can quickly invite them.

To learn more about data rooms, visit the collection of articles in our help guide.

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