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Speed up your search with new advanced global search filtering and OCR

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Filters in global search

Introducing new advanced search functionality to help you narrow your search and find what you are looking for in an instance. Searching just got a whole lot quicker.

In the global search bar in the top navigation, type your search query, if you don't find what you are looking for in the preview click "see all results to open advanced search.

You can now filter by:

  • Focus search on file 'Title' only

  • Specific data room

  • Creator

  • File type

  • A specific file tag

  • Date modified

Making it easier to find the file you are looking for, saving time and effort.

Filter to search exclusively by the title of the documents

Our advanced search functionality searches for text matching search criteria, at a folder, file and even content level. Using title only is a great way to find items where you are familiar with the name of the file.

Filter for file type

Narrow your search to specific content types, you can filter for:

  • Folders

  • Documents

  • PDFs

  • Videos

  • Spreadsheets, and more.

Filter for tags

Tags can be attached to documents at any stage to be searchable:

Filter by date modified

With filter for date modified, you can filter for defined time periods:

  • Last 24 hours,

  • Last 7 days,

  • Last 30 days

  • Last 60 days, and

  • Last 90 days, or

  • Define a custom time period

OCR in search

With Capcade's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) premium feature all newly added JPG/JPEG, PNG, TIF/TIFF files, will be automatically scanned, extracting and storing the data for seamless search availability.

Now your search query extends to images, searching for text within image files and including these in your search results.

Save your search

You can now save specific searches to quickly access documents across workspace data rooms that are for example uploaded on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Once you have defined your search parameters, click the save button in the filter navigation within the search window.

For example the latest upload of financial statements can be found, by saving the search:

  • Search criteria - Financial

  • Date modified - last 30 days

  • Type - PDF and Excel

Every time a new document is created or modified and meets the above criteria you can choose to be notified of this during the saving of filter.

Keep in mind the system will only search for items you have access to.

To learn more about document management, visit our collection of articles

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