Quick Actions in File Viewer

Use the quick action buttons in the in-platform document viewer

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In-platform file viewer actions

When users have a document open in the in-platform document viewer, they can efficiently perform any actions they have permissions for with quick action buttons.

Perform many actions directly from the file viewer

  1. Navigate to the relevant data room

  2. Click on the relevant file to open the in-platform document viewer

  3. You will see the quick action options under the "Actions" section within the right-hand pane of the document viewer

  4. Alternatively, you can right click on the document name to surface the below list of quick actions

  5. Click on any of the action items to manage your document (the actions available depend on your permissions) but a high-level list of actions include:

    1. Add to "Archive.zip"

    2. Copy public link

    3. Revoke public link

    4. Get info (file size, location, link, date uploaded, uploaded by, most recent antivirus scan)

    5. View and/or add tags (underneath the "Actions" section)

    6. View references to tasks if a reference has been made (underneath the "Actions" section)

    7. View in Office (top bar)

    8. Edit in Office (top bar)

To learn more about document management, visit the collection of articles in our help guide.

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