Keep up to date with all your tasks and file requests to prioritise your workload

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Capcade calendar

Capcade calendar is a single view of all your tasks and upcoming file requests across workspaces. Take control of your workload and identify priority action items using the quick view in the top navigation bar or open the full calendar view to get a comprehensive overview of all your tasks coming due soon.

All tasks and file requests created and assigned to you will appear in your calendar automatically.

View your calendar events

You can view your work assignments in two ways:

  • Quick view: Upcoming events can be viewed by navigating to the top navigation calendar icon, or

  • Full view: Full calendar can be viewed by clicking the link at the bottom of the quick view, wherein you are able to review workload by:

    • Toggling between month and yearly view

    • Filtering for workspaces or assignee

    • Filtering by activity either task or file request

    • You can also integrate your Capcade calendar with your other calendar apps

Calendar leverages tasks and file requests to create upcoming events. To learn more about organization and profile functionality, visit the collection of articles in our help guide.

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