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View all your connections and entity contacts in the connections module

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Contacts are now connections

The "Connections" module has been updated to be dynamic to reflect only contacts that a user is connected with by shared resources (workspaces, marketplaces and portfolios). This is the new default for all users that are not entity admins.

View entity connections permissions

All entity admins will have view entity permissions as default.

In the entity settings, entity admins can assign "View Entity Connections" permissions to other users and groups of users within their entity. If view entity connections is enabled for a user, that user will be able to see all the connections that an entity has with users from other entities through shared entity connections.

In summary, by default each user’s address book in the "Connections" tab will only show other users it shares a resource(s) with unless either they are entity admins, or have the "View Entity Connections" permission enabled.

Manage "View entity connections" in the entity permissions

To set the "View Entity connections" permission, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on "Entity" on the left hand navigation pane of Capcade

  2. Click the "ENTITY PERMISSIONS" button at the top right of the screen

  3. Tick the "View Entity connections" box in the matrix for the individuals or groups you would like to have this permission enabled on

To learn more about permissions, view the collection of articles in our help guide.


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