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Tasks Multi-Select
Tasks Multi-Select

Manage multiple tasks with streamlined bulk actions through task multi-select

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Select multiple tasks for effective task management

Optimize your task management with our multi-select functionality, allowing you to efficiently handle multiple task actions at once.

Multi-selecting tasks allows you to apply changes to all selected tasks

  • Tag all the selected tasks,

  • Change task status

  • Unassign or assign to new task owner, or

  • Delete tasks

Multi-select tasks

  1. Navigate to the relevant workspace and the task module you are looking for

  2. Locate the tasks you would like to manage

  3. Select the tasks by ticking the box next to the task names

  4. Click on the action button (•••)

  5. You will then be able to:

    1. Add tags to all the selected tasks, or

    2. Assign all the selected tasks to an individual, or

    3. Change the status of all the selected tasks

Alternatively, the same action items are available in the pop-up menu when right clicking on the selected tasks.

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