Formulas are an integral part of Caption Pro, allowing you to format how names are displaying across various metadata fields. 

You can insert formulas into any metadata field in both the image and project wide sections by pressing the equals button '='. 

There are four types of formulas:

  1. People 

  2. Plural 

  3. Duplicate

  4. Sequence


'People' formulas will present the names of the people in the image into the specified metadata field separated by your input in the 'Delimiter' field (so for instance a comma if you wish to have your names listed as such) with the "Final delimiter" also needing to be specified (use "and" if you wish your last two names in the list to be separated by an "and").

Note: Formula outputs adhere to any spaces in the delimiter fields, so be sure to add them or remove them in accordance with how you want your output formatted.  

You also have the option in the People formula to include 'Prefix' and/or 'Postfix' to the formulas. Checking these boxes will mean the names displayed using this formula will include this information, as long as it has been specified for the particular person. A Prefix or Postfix can be added to a person's name when adding a new person or by clicking 'edit in database' on a selected person, which can be found in the top right quadrant of the interface.


'Plural' formulas allow you to have various words appear in a metadata field depending on how many people are in the image. 

The 'Singular' field determines what word will appear with only one person in the image (or with as many people in the image below the 'threshold number'). 

The 'Plural' field dictates what word will display if the image has the 'threshold number' of people in, or above. 

In case you haven't already guessed, the sole purpose of the 'Threshold' is to switch the display from the 'Singular' input to the 'Plural' input, so the number you choose here decides how many people are required in an image for the word to change. 


The Duplicate formula allows you to insert the information from one metadata field into another, automatically. Just select the target field from the dropdown menu and the contents of that field will be pasted wherever your 'duplicate' formula is located. For speed, you can start typing with the 'target field' dropdown open and it will select the typed field. 

As a safety net you can not duplicate fields in a source-loop. So if you have 'Field A' pointing to 'Field B', 'Field B' won't be able to point back to 'Field A' etc. 


The Sequence formula is different from the others in that it isn't available for use until you reach the export modal. It is used to create a number sequence when renaming images for export.

Using this formula will add a number to the file name of the exported images. You can specify where you want the numbering to start by modifying the 'Start Index'. 

If you want to export a second batch of images with the numbers continuing off from the last export, be sure to specify the new start number in the 'start index'. 

Viewing Results

You can view how the results of the formulas will be output for each image by switching between "Formulas" and "Results" at the top of the image metadata section in the bottom right quadrant of the UI. This can also be toggled by pressing the keyboard shortcut 'f'.

What's Next?

Once you've finished Editing Metadata, you can Confirm and Export your images

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