Adding Images

In order to start processing your images you must first create a 'new project'. You may want a project to be a specific event or job, and you can create and work on different projects simultaneously.

There are various ways of managing the images you want to work on. A good place to start when starting a new project is to select a watch folder.

The "Watch Folder" is the folder that Caption Pro will look at to populate the project. All the images (of the correct file type) within this folder will be ingested into the project and automatically processed. You may select a folder with images already in it, or add the images after, any new images added to the watch folder after creation will automatically be added to the relevant project. 

You can toggle on and off 'watching' of the watch folder by clicking the button at the bottom of the thumbnail viewer:

The watch folder can be changed at any point throughout your project. This can be done by clicking on the folder icon at the bottom of the thumbnail viewer. Any previously processed images from the old watch folder will remain in the project for you to continue working on, or you may remove them manually.

You can also manually add images to your project from other locations, either by selecting the 'add images' icon at the bottom of the thumbnail viewer, or dragging selected images into the Caption Pro window.

Loading Images

As images are being brought into the project their loading status will be displayed on the thumbnail of the image. Once the purple tick appears in the corner of the thumbnail, it has been processed and is ready to have the names checked and edited. The stages of loading can be found in the image below:

Deleting Images from a Project

In order to delete images from your project you can right click the image you want to remove (or highlight multiple images and right click them) and select "Remove Selection From Project" or press the relevant hotkey as shown in the 

Important caveats:

1. When an image is manually deleted, the software keeps a log that the user deleted the image. If you then manually re-add the image everything should be fine - BUT - It will continue to be ignored by the watch folder until it is manually re-added again. 

Why must we do this? Because otherwise every time a user manually removes an image from their project that happens to be in their watch folder, it will keep re-adding the image every time they start the program, or toggle the watch folder. So remember, if this happens and you want the image back, just click on this button to manually re-add them:

2. When it comes to exporting, if the source image no longer exists at the location where you added it, the export will fail. If you place the image back in its location, and retry, it will work. However, because we store separate thumbnails etc you can still work with the images when they don't exist in their source location, you just cant export them.

Whats Next?

Once our images have loaded into the project, we will want to learn a bit more about editing people in them.

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