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Editing People

How to add and delete people's names in Caption Pro.

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Adding new people

Once your images have loaded you can begin to scroll through the images and check for people's names. 

For any incorrect or unrecognised names, just click on their face box in the image, or click on their name under the main image in the viewer, and select "Add New Person" (as seen in the GIF above) or press the keyboard shortcut 'a'. Alternatively you can hover your mouse over the face in question and select 'add new person' from the dropdown overlay like this:

Editing a person in your database or amending an entry from Caption Pro's database can be done by selecting the 'edit in database' button under the persons name:

Prefix and Postfix 

While you're adding their name, you can also apply a "Prefix" or a "Postfix" to the person (this can also be done by 'editing' an already saved or recognized person). These work like titles before or after a person's name and, if activated in a 'People' formula, will be displayed in the metadata whenever that name is present. An example of a useful prefix might be "Lord", "singer", "striker" or "referee" in front of a persons name, and an example of a possible postfix might be their player number like "#15" after a player's name. 

Note: Prefix and postfix entries adhere to all spaces. So if you want a space between the name and a postfix for instance, be sure to include that space at the beginning of your postfix entry. 


For users who have access to a team account, when adding or editing a person record within the app you are also able to add them to a preexisting group.

Adding people into groups has a number of uses, one of which is for better record management, if for instance you have sports teams in your database that you would like to sort and organise separately. This is easy to do in the face database management page on the website.

Another use of groups is to have this information automated within the output of a people formula. Sticking with the sports example, if you have multiple people from the same team you can change the settings to allow for the following format of output in the metadata fields:

"pitcher Jimmy Sanderson #23 and catcher David Bloggs #86 of the Baseball Reds"

You can manage your groups from the admin dashboard on our website or you can follow the link to 'manage' active groups in the Face Recognition tab of the project settings.

Note: If you are currently filtering the face recognition suggestions within a project by certain groups, then you will only be able to add people to those groups (or select No Group) when editing people within that project.

Reference Images

The reference images for a person in your database are what the software looks at in order to identify a person. It is therefore important to have reference images that are as accurate and clear as possible.

Initially the first image you add of a 'new person' will be added as the first reference image. Every subsequent image you 'confirm' of that person will also be added to their pool of reference images until they have a maximum of 10 reference images available. You can see this process occurring in the image below:

This setting can be disabled in the project settings by untoggling the 'set reference faces on image confirmation' toggle.

You can also manually add reference faces to a record of an individual from the 'edit in database' window (it gives you the option to select from other faces of that person within the current project). You can delete problematic reference faces from here as well. 

You are also able to delete the Celebrity Database record of a person if it is available. While disabled your software will ignore that record and only rely on your saved reference faces if they exist. This is useful if the celebrity database is confusing two people consistently (most likely to happen with twins).  

We give a quality score for each available face relating to the sharpness of the image. Expect facial recognition accuracy to be better with higher quality reference images. It is also advised that you chose a wide range of reference images, they can be from a variety of angles but it is advised that you don't include images where the persons face is obstructed at all (i.e. with sunglasses etc) otherwise it might compromise the integrity of your personal database.

Search Function

If you are adding a new person to your database and you are unsure if you are naming them correctly, you can double check after you have added them by hitting 'L' on your keyboard or by clicking the search button the person's name in the people panel: 

Deleting people from your database

You can also delete a person from your local database by clicking "Delete" on the selected person in the 'edit person' modal. The selected record of that person will be deleted permanently and the image of that person will be cleared. If it has been done on the record of a person who features in the celebrity database then all your added reference images will be deleted and they will be forgotten for the duration of the project. They will however continue to be considered for future projects.

All deleted people will be forgotten across the entire project - even for 'confirmed' images - so be sure you have already exported any relevant images before deleting someone who might feature in 'confirmed' images, or are likely to be re-exported from the 'exported' tab. 


Personal v Global Database

If you are having trouble with Caption Pro's accuracy of a particular celebrity, you can add your own reference images which should help accuracy in the future. Additionally you can delete the celebrity database reference image if it continues to be problematic, and rely solely on your reference images.

Twin Identification

It's obviously a tricky one to get twins (or even very similar looking siblings) to be perfectly identified across all images. One fix that we've found works a decent amount of the time is deleting the celebrity database reference image for them and add your own reference images to their record and chose ones where the two individuals look most different. 

Small faces

If you want to caption a very small face and you're finding it hard to see who it is - use 'z' to zoom into the image wherever your mouse is pointed and adjust the zoom distance accordingly. 

Manually adding names

If someone's face hasn't been picked up by the system but you would still like to add their name to the image's caption, you can manually add a name by right clicking somewhere on the image and clicking "manually add person". You can also select the '+' button in the name bar benieth the selected image:

Manually added names (without a face box) will not add a reference image of that person to your database upon confirmation as there is no facial recognition data associated with them.

More information about this can be found in the next article 'Filtering People / Faces' a link for which is below:

Whats Next?

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