Editing Metadata

How to edit image and project wide metadata in Caption Pro.

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Editing Metadata

The selected image's metadata is displayed in the bottom right quadrant of the screen and metadata can be edited on an image to image basis here.  
Metadata can also be edited on a project wide level by clicking on the "Edit Project Metadata" cog on the top right hand side of the screen.

Editing these fields will affect the corresponding metadata fields on all the images in the selected project, depending on the save option selected at the bottom of the window. 

You can 'uncheck' any of these fields and they will no longer be shown in the metadata section of the project level user interface. This will also disable the field, ignoring its contents during export, preserving whatever is already in the corresponding field in the watched image. 

Make sure to save the changes you make once you've edited any fields or added a template. 

When you have edited the metadata fields in the project settings, you can choose your relevant save options here:

Selecting "New Images" will only apply the new metadata information to images entering the watch folder after this save option has been selected and will not affect the metadata of any image currently in the project.

Selecting 'Unedited Images" will save the metadata across the entire project, only overwriting fields that haven't been edited already on the image level.  

Selecting "All Images" will save the metadata across the entire project, overwriting all information currently in any metadata fields.

Checking the box "Save these settings as default" will save all the metadata inputs for any future projects until a new default template is saved. 

Importing / Exporting Metadata Templates

You can easily export your project metadata settings to a file to share with other members of your team. When you have the project metadata set up how you would like, simply click "Export .xmp template" at the top of the project metadata window to save to a file which you can then share.

Clicking "Import .xmp template" will allow you to select an .xmp file on your computer and will paste the metadata information from this file into the corresponding fields.



Formulas are key to unlocking the speed increase potential of Caption Pro. Please read our Formula Tutorial for an in depth guide.

Code Replacement

You can drastically speed up manual metadata entry by setting up code replacements. To do so, import a correctly formatted .txt file upon project creation and hit the \ (backslash) key wherever you would like to input the predetermined text. Then follow the code replacement options presented to you until you get the hang of it. 

For correct formatting make sure the .txt file is set up so that each line is a new entry, the beginning of each new line is the code, followed by a Tab (spacing) followed by the text you wish to have entered e.g:
sag        scores a goal
s2g        scores their second goal

Then if you were to type in any metadata field '\sag' the text "scores a goal" will be input automatically. 

For more information about this feature please see our guide to text code replacement. 

Copy and Paste Metadata

You can copy and paste metadata from one image to others by right clicking on an image and selecting copy, and then right clicking on another thumbnail and selecting 'paste formulas' or 'paste results'. You may also use the copy and paste hotkeys, check the hotkey panel in the help menu for a list of available hotkeys.

Pasting 'formulas' will paste the formulas from one image to the other, applying image specific information where necessary to that image. Copying and pasting the 'results' will only paste the text results of a given image's metadata fields, converting any formulas to text prior to pasting. 

You can also copy the result of a metadata field to the clipboard by clicking on the name of the image metadata field. This is useful for pasting into other applications.

Duplicate Metadata fields

You can duplicate the contents from one metadata field to another by using the 'duplicate' formula. 

Any changes you make to the watched field after setting up the formula will automatically affect the 'duplicate formula' entry. You can find out more about this formula and others by reading the Formula Tutorial.


You can add certain metadata fields to your 'favourites' by selecting the star attached to the field name. This will automatically bring the field to the top of the image specific metadata section.

Resizing Metadata boxes

If you have a lot of text in a particular field and you want it visible at all times, drag the bottom of the field down and it will resize accordingly. 

What's Next?

In order to apply the names of the people in your images into the required metadata fields, you need to insert the relevant "Formula"

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