Latest Updates:

v1.8.0 (16-Dec-2021)

  • Database architecture rewrite:

    • Improved performance when many projects are active. Having a large number of projects open will no longer negatively affect performance.

    • Improved performance when processing large numbers of images.

  • Moved text replacement lists to the project metadata modal.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with signing out.

  • Fixed a number of minor ftp bugs.

  • Fixed a rare bug with conflicting celebrity records.

  • Fixed a bug where manually added text in a field would not be saved when using the Shift + Enter hotkey if the field was still open.

  • Fixed a bug where spaces were being added after a formula when adding or updating the formula.


v1.7.0 (02-April-2020)

New Features:

  • Added raw support.

    • Caption Pro can now process images from all commonly used raw image formats.

  • Added xmp sidecar support:

    • Metadata will now be loaded from xmp sidecar files when available.

    • Metadata will be now be written to xmp sidecar files, except for JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and DNG files, these will continue to have metadata written to the file. - Added spellchecking to metadata input fields.

General Changes:

  • Changed the hotkey for confirm & save from Shift + S to Shift + Enter. This is to ensure users can quickly confirm and save their images while editing metadata field text.

  • Reversed the order of export batches in the export reports to more easily view the most recent batches.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where metadata was not being saved when tabbing through result fields.

  • Fixed a bug where tabbing through metadata fields was not proceeding in the correct order.

  • Fixed bug where sometimes the watch folder selection modal would disappear behind.

  • Fixed bug that would sometimes cause the screen to go blank.

  • Fixed bug that allowed multiple instances of the app to be open at the same time.


v1.6.0 (22-Jan-2020)

New Features:

  • The people formula now respects spacing in the delimiter fields. 

  • Prefixes and postfixes on person records also now respect spaces. 

  • Metadata fields can now be resized. 

  • Metadata fields can now be added to a 'favourites' section that will always appear at the top of the image metadata panel. 

  • Added an 'activity log' to the bottom of the UI. 

  • Enabled the use of code replacement when adding a new person.

  • Added an index of all available hotkeys. View by holding the '?' key, or view in the 'help' menu.       

  • Enabled navigation of new person search results with the arrow keys and enter.

We have also added / changed the following hotkeys:    

  • 'Ctrl + C' Copy metadata from selected image

  • 'Ctrl + V'  Paste metadata results to selected images

  • 'Ctrl + Shift + V'  Paste metadata formulas to selected images

  • 'S' Confirm image (changed from C)

  • 'L' Look up the selected person using Google image search (changed from S)

  • '?' Show the hotkeys index (press and hold)

Bug Fixes:

  • Expanded readable metadata fields to include Structs. This means that while they were always writable, certain categories like "Location Created" and "Contact" as well as "Image Supplier" and "Creator" fields are now read by Caption Pro when processing an image or xmp template. 


v1.5.0 (04-Dec-2019)

New Features:

  • Improved application performance on large projects.

  • Improved application performance on high resolution images.

  • Improved image processing speed in general.

  • Further improved image processing speed on images containing many faces.

  • Added option to skip celebrity recognition during image processing.

  • Added option to set a limit on amount of faces recognized per image.

  • Added easy way to copy the result of an image metadata field. Simply left click on an image metadata label and the result of that field will be copied to the clipboard. This can be useful for pasting into other applications.

  • Throttled system notifications after export to reduce notification spam when exporting many times in quick succession.    

  • Ensured confirm + export waits for export to start before confirming the images.

  • Added visual highlights indicating which filters are active.

  •  Added the option to export project wide metadata settings as an .XMP template. This is useful for sharing your settings with other members of your team.    

Changed hotkeys for exporting and confirming to the following:

  • E -> Confirm + export      

  • shift + E -> Quick confirm and export with last export settings      

  • C -> Confirm      

  • Shift + C -> Quick confirm and apply metadata to images in place  

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with changing face size and sharpness filters on multiple images.

  • Fixed a bug where switching accounts would keep projects loaded.

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes reference faces wouldn't show.


v1.4.0 (30-Oct-2019)

New Features:

  • Users can now use text code replacements. This can make typing large pieces of text in metadata fields much quicker. Those familiar with a similar system in Photo Mechanic will feel at home. To get started load a text code list file in the project settings window when starting a project, and type backslash [\] when editing metadata to bring up the text code search box.    

  • The hotkey to remove an image is now Ctrl/Alt + Delete/Backspace (windows/mac).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where duplicate images would sometimes be created when watching a folder and applying metadata in place. 

  • Fixed a bug where confirming an image with filtered faces would still confirm those faces as reference faces.    

  • Fixed a bug where processing images on windows would sometimes stall after application load.

  • Fixed bug where it was impossible to create two people with the same name.

  • Fixed a bug where project metadata would not apply to images while they were processing.

  • Fixed bug where saving an empty field as a project default would sometimes be overwritten by Caption Pro default.    


v1.3.0 (08-Oct-2019)

New Features:

  • Users can now add custom faces to an image. This is useful when Caption Pro doesn't detect a face.    

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where removing a person record wasn't working.

  • Improved error reporting system.

  • Fixed bug where filenames images containing "." would export incorrectly.

  • Fixed bug where users could accidentally delete images when typing in metadata fields.

  • Fixed bug where projects would sometimes not delete.

  • Fixed bug where face filters would reset after project creation.

  • Various performance and stability improvements.


V1.1.0 - v1.2.0 (05-Sep-2019)

The above two updates included the following new features and fixes:

New Features

  • Ability to sign out

  • Ability to access account management from the application menu

  • Ability to apply metadata directly to watched images 

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where pasting metadata across images sometimes changed the filename

  • Fixed failed images when navigating between projects by adding warning modal, forcing processes to finish before navigating away or logging out whilst a project is ingesting or exporting images. Disconnecting or closing the app during these processes will still cause failures. 


v1.0.5 - v1.0.8 (18-Aug-2019)

Bug Fixes:
The above versions included a number of bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug where number of matches on person details modal was showing the incorrect number

  • Fixed bug where hotkeys for deleting a face weren't working (Ctrl+d should now work)

  • Fixed bug where the wrong default person was being selected after processing a batch of images

  • Fixed issue where bug reporting wouldn't work with non-ASCII characters

  • Fixed various UI issues with the solo people select box

  • Fixed issue where sometimes using backspace while editing a metadata box would delete the selected image

  • Fixed issue with failed image processing due to expired credentials

  • Fixed issue with support center

  • Further improvements to automatic update process

  • Fixed issue with windows on app restart

  • Fixed issue with export filenames sometimes not displaying correctly

  • Updated Terms and Conditions

  • Fixed issue with loading projects when an image has been removed

  • Fixed bug with guests mode on people formula

  • Fixed bug with exported image filename sometimes being incorrect


v1.0.1 - v1.0.4 (06-Aug-2019)

Bug Fixes:
The above versions included a number of bug fixes:

  • Fixing the bug report data dump

  • Fixing automatic updates

  • Fixing issues with authentication causing failed image uploads


v1.0.0 (02-Aug-2019)


  • Ended the Beta testing phase of development.

  • Full architecture rewrite.

  • Improved general performance bringing some processes offline.

  • Improved UI performance 

  • New design for the 'people' tab.

Improved Facial Recognition Performance:

  • Added ability to add up to 10 reference faces to person in local database.

  • Added ability to add reference faces to people in the Celebrity database (though they remain private to you).

  • Added reference face management, allowing users to delete and add new reference faces from the 'edit person' menu.   


v0.21.0 (25-Feb-2019)

Updated People Section in UI:

  • Visual comparison between selected and reference faces.

  • Inbuilt google image search function to check name accuracy.

  • More information on suggested celebrity from CP database.

  • New limit to 1 reference image per person (to fix problematic reference images).

  • Ability to change a person's reference image (in 'edit person').

  • Can now add multiple entries of the same name to local database.

Improved Filter Section:

  • Dedicated filter section in the UI.

  • Improved 'solo people' input in filter section.


  • Improved thumbnail spacing in viewer.

  • 's' now brings up the google image 'search name' modal.

  • 'x' now brings up the 'compare selected and reference image' modal. 


v0.20.0 (29-Jan-2019)

New Features:

  • Now Windows Compatible!

  • Now compatible with PNG, TIFF, NEF, GIF and DNG file types.

  • Adjustable face size slider filters out smaller faces. 

  • Adjustable sharpness slider filters out faces based on how blurry they are. 

Improved Image Ingestion:

  • Users can now change watch folder at any point (whilst retaining images from previous watch folder).

  • Users can pause the 'watching' of the watch folder.

  • Users can manually add images from any location.

  • Users can drag new images into the project window.

Bug Fixes:

  • Copying metadata no longer copies version name.

  • Saved images now retain previously added metadata (from cameras or other software).

  • Saved images now export at the same file size as source images.


v0.19.0 (16-Jan-2019)

FTP File Transfer:

  • Users can now export to multiple saved FTP clients simultaneously as well as multiple disk destinations.

  • Users can now batch rename images in the export modal.

New Formulas:

  • 'Duplicate' formula copies the input from another field.

  • 'Sequence' formula adds a number sequence for bulk renaming on export.

Additional updates

  • Added chat support integration, press the message icon in the top right if you need support.

  • Refined status bar.

  • Made the name text selectable for image and person name for easy copy and paste.



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