This could result in the following errors:

1. You are registered with the correct email address, but it did not work

Have you registered with Cara Care in the past? Then proceed as described below:

A. Logout

Logout from your account. Then open the app again.

B. Log in

Log in again - make sure that you click the "Log in" option.

C. Restore account

A window with the wording "Restore account" then appears. Please press OK. You will then receive your email. Please confirm this immediately and, wait a moment and your account will be restored.

2. You didn't receive a confirmation email to confirm your account

The following screen will appear and when you click on "Re-send confirmation email" no email will be sent to you.

Then please note the following:
The reason for this issue is probably that you are not properly registered in the app or your email address is already registered in the app. This is only possible once. Please logout by clicking on "More" and "Logout" in your profile and then proceed as described in point 1.

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