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Why can't I transfer any borrowing?
Why can't I transfer any borrowing?
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Your Cardeo Credit facility allows you to transfer borrowing from your credit cards to Cardeo. To protect you, there are some circumstances in which this facility will not be enabled:

  • Your credit card balances are below the transfer threshold. The only borrowing that can be transferred to Cardeo Credit is from your included credit cards. The minimum transfer amount is £100.

  • You’ve reached your credit limit. As you repay Cardeo Credit, headroom will be created within your limit again. Can I increase my Cardeo Credit limit?

  • No credit cards are connected to your account. Make sure that your credit cards are connected to Cardeo. If access to any of your cards has expired, follow the prompts to refresh them.

  • Connected credit cards are already low interest. We only include cards with a rate at least 1% higher in Cardeo Credit. This ensures that we’re acting in your best interests and saving you interest each month.

  • You’re behind with your repayments. Cardeo freezes your account if you fall into arrears, to stop any financial difficulties from getting worse. Why is my credit facility frozen?

  • Your account is on hold. If you have arranged a 30-day hold to give you breathing space, you will not be able to transfer any borrowing during the hold period. How does the 30-day hold work?

  • Security reasons. Cardeo may place a temporary restriction on your credit facility where there has been a security concern. We do this to protect you and your account. If this has happened to you, please contact our support team.

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