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How does the 30-day hold work?
How does the 30-day hold work?
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The 30-day hold is designed to give you breathing space if you are struggling to make your repayments. Being on hold prevents your Cardeo Credit account from getting into a worse position.

During the hold period all activity on your Cardeo Credit account is suspended:

  • You will not be asked for any repayments

  • No interest will be charged and your balance will not increase

  • Your account will be frozen

  • We won’t contact you about your Cardeo Credit account

You can still make repayments during the hold period to reduce your Cardeo Credit balance.

If your circumstances change, you may contact us if you wish to end the hold period early.

After 30 days, normal account activity starts again.

If you think you would benefit from a 30-day hold, please contact us.

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