How do I cancel Cardeo Credit?
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To cancel Cardeo Credit, contact our support team.

Your agreement

Your Cardeo Credit agreement explains that when you tell us you wish to cancel Cardeo Credit, you must repay any outstanding balance, including any interest, within 30 days.

You will have a copy of your Cardeo Credit agreement in your emails.

Cancelling within 14 days

If you request to cancel within 14 days of first transferring your borrowing to Cardeo Credit, the record of our credit check is withdrawn from your credit file when your Cardeo Credit account is cancelled.

Reapplying for Cardeo Credit

If you cancel Cardeo Credit, you may be invited to apply again in the future. Typically an invitation is not sent again for at least six months. We can't guarantee that if a new facility was set up the same interest rate and credit limit would be applied.

Contact support

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