Adding sites to your portal will allow you to filter your portal by geographical area, branch, location or care/ nursing home. This is useful for your onsite managers or recruiters who may want to view stats and candidates for their site only.

This short video will give you more information on what sites are and the advantages to setting them up:

In order to create a site you will need to know:

  • Total number of staff at each site

  • Site addresses

  • Names of the portal users who are responsible for each site. The portal users responsible for each site must have been added to the system as an admin user. Head to our inviting additional portal users article and complete the steps before setting up your sites.

Once you have all the information above and have invited your admin users, this short video will show you how to add a site:

Adding a site a step by step guide:

Step 1: Head to the 'settings' section in the left hand menu of your portal and click on 'Sites' in the top tabs:

Step 2: Click on 'add site':

Step 3: Complete the site details and select a portal user responsible for this site from the drop-down list:

Step 4: Click on 'add' and the new site will now appear in the site list.

If you need to edit the site details click on the 3 dot menu icon along from the site name and select 'view/ edit contact details', make the changes and click on 'update':

If you want your portal admin users to only have access to the one site they are responsible then please follow the steps to edit an admin users details.

If you have questions about this or anything else please get in touch by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right of your screen.

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