Because Care Friends job adverts will be mostly viewed by people who have been pre-selected by your care staff as high potential additions to the team, we recommend a much more targeted job advert wording than you might use on internet job boards or via social media.

We can make the following assumptions:

  • In most cases the person viewing the Care Friends-shared job advert has the right values for the role, as determined by someone doing the job, probably has a car (if that is a requirement), is considered to be willing and available to work unsocial hours and may well have been briefed on the challenging aspects of the role already, such a personal care

  • They may well not be an active job seeker- so might not have a CV ready

  • They would be more likely to find the role attractive for the intrinsic rewards of helping others than for shift patterns, hourly rate or convenience

  • Your organisation will be by far their preferred choice due to the connection with a member of staff, but contacting them quickly and prioritising their application is critical.

You can use existing job advert wording, but we recommend at least adding an initial paragraph similar to the following:

Hi! You're probably reading this job advert because a friend or connection of yours thinks you would make a great addition to our care team and has shared it with you.

Templated job advert wording:

We deliver your portal with a default job advert which you can simply amend so that you can start quickly. This may not suit your 'house-style' so you may prefer to create your own, or simply add your organisation values and staff benefits to customise the template.

Here is the wording we use:

Hi! You’re probably reading this job advert because a friend or connection of yours thinks you would make a great addition to our care team and has shared it with you.

They think you could have what it takes to be a wonderful team member in our organisation. Our main priority is to find people with the right values, behaviours and attitudes that match our own. It’s a great start that one of our team thought you could fit the bill!

You don’t need to have previous experience in this field, nor do you need qualifications – above all we want someone who shares our values, will love the work and is reliable and hardworking.

If you’re interested in finding out more, just click ‘I’m interested’ below and send us the short Expression of Interest form. It’s not a formal application, but it could be the first step to a rewarding role working alongside current and future friends!

Once we receive it, we will be in touch to answer questions and chat more.


It is also very important to contact clients who have been referred as fast as possible. This is because:

  • They are statistically much more likely to become high-performing, long-standing members of the team than new starters from any other recruitment source

  • One of your team had put their reputation on the one to encourage them to apply. It is courteous to show them respect by acting promptly

  • The sooner you contact them, the sooner your recruitment pressures ease a little bit more!

Want to know more about writing great job ads? Check out this video from my Recruitment Masterclass

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