We've created your Care Friends portal and completed Step 1: Portal set up ✔

We’ve also sent through your portal login details. If you have not received these, please do let us know.

Next up is completing Step 2: Customise your portal.

You will need:

  • Bookmark this page in case you need to come back to it!

  • Names, email addresses and mobile numbers of your admin users

  • If you have more than one ‘site’ you will need the name, address and number of staff for each

  • A spreadsheet of names, email addresses, mobile numbers & the site each staff member belongs to, for everyone you would like to use the app. Click here for a template.

  • We’ve added a default job to your portal already. If you would like to add your own job, you will need a current job ad and a ‘day in the life’ style image (recommended) or video link (optional)

Ready to get started? Click each of the links below to learn how to complete each task

Task 1 - Check your points settings and scheme rules

Task 2 - Introduce and invite your admin users (10 - 15 minutes)

Task 3 - If you have multiple sites create sites (6 minutes)

Task 4 - Edit your default job ad (90 seconds) or add a new job ad (5 minutes)

Task 5 - Essential for launch: Authorise your staff to use the app (6 minutes)

Task 6 - Customise your app welcome message (3 minutes)

Task 7 - Plan a great launch! 🚀

Need help customising your portal?

  • Live chat with us via the chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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