We recommend a target of having 50-80% of your existing team registered for the app in the first two weeks of launch.

To help you achieve this, we recommend you offer launch incentives to your care staff and champions.

Watch this short video for launch incentive tips and ideas that have been tried and tested by other organisations.

Launch incentive ideas - a step-by-step guide

Click on your chosen launch incentive to access our step-by-step guide to managing it in your Care Friends portal.

  1. An automated welcome bonus
    Award a few points to everyone who registers for the app by setting up an automated welcome bonus in just 5 clicks!

  2. A launch prize draw
    Put everyone who downloads the app into a hat and offer a larger number of Care Friends bonus points as prizes.

  3. Link with other rewards
    Link Care Friends bonus points with other rewards such as employee of the month or annual staff bonus. This is a great incentive for staff to sign up, even if they’re not sure if they will refer, AND it streamlines your reward and recognition process!

  4. Remember your champions!
    Give your champions bonus points as an incentive to achieve their sign up targets.

Launch incentive tips

  • Make your launch incentive time-bound for extra impact. We recommend two weeks from your launch date.

  • Remember, as app users have to reach a minimum number of points before they can redeem, you will only pay out a launch bonus for those members of staff who go on to use the app for referrals or who earn rewards for other things. So staff can’t register and immediately claim just the launch bonus.

  • How to check your % uptake
    If you are a single site organisation, compare your 'Total number of staff' with your 'Total staff registered' in the 'Employee engagement' section of your portal dashboard.

If you have multiple sites set up in your portal, click on 'Settings' in the left hand menu, then 'sites' in the top tabs. Here you will see a list of sites and the % uptake per site:

If you would like any advice on incentivising your team, simply click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen and we will be happy to help.

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