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A values-based job description template

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We suggest a gentle approach to Care Friends jobs ads in order to appeal to both passive and active job seekers.

Simply copy and paste this job description into adding a job 'Step 3: Description & Media' and add your organisation details to the [insert details] sections.

Hi! You’re probably reading this job advert because a friend or connection of yours thinks you would make a great addition to our care team and has shared it with you.

They think you could have what it takes to be a wonderful [insert details] in our [insert details]. Our main priority is to find people with the right values, behaviours and attitudes that match our own. It’s a great start that one of our team thought you could fit the bill!

You don’t need to have previous experience in this field, nor do you need qualifications – above all we want someone who shares our values:

[insert details]

[insert details]

[insert details]

[insert details]

If you’re interested in finding out more, click ‘I’m interested’ below and complete our short Expression of Interest form. It’s not a formal application, but it could be the first step to a rewarding role working alongside current and future friends!

Once we receive it, I will be in touch to answer questions and chat more. Thanks! [insert details]

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