Care Friends candidates are very special and typically much higher quality than those from most other recruitment channels. As an example, you are ten times more likely to convert a Care Friends candidate into a new starter than one from an Internet Job Board. Plus, one of your employees has put their reputation on the line to persuade them to apply, so it is very important that app-generated candidates are responded to promptly and the outcome recorded in the portal so their referrer is kept informed.

1. Respond quickly. The most successful social care recruiters respond within 15-30 minutes, or as soon as they can practically do so, always on the same day – even if it is an acknowledgement and an estimate of when they can call or a request for a good time for the candidate to speak.

2. Try calling, but default to texting or WhatsApp. Often candidates won’t answer a number that they don’t recognise or is out of area. So, that’s why texting can be the best method to reach candidates. It is much more effective than email.

3. Listen for their ‘why’. A frontline role in social care is unlike many other roles, so don’t be put off by a lack of experience – or even if the candidate has ‘job-hopped’ in more traditional jobs, such as administrative positions. Always ask why they are interested in the role and remind them that their friend considers that they would make a great care worker. This gives them confidence.

4. Be prepared for more questions about whether they would suit the role than an applicant from an internet job board – especially if they are ‘new to care’. They might be uncertain they could do the job, but one of your existing care workers definitely thinks so.

5. Sell your story. Candidates like to hear what is different about your company. If they have been referred, then there is already a strong connection which can be built on.

6. Don’t ask for a CV. Referred candidates are much less likely to be active job seekers, so are unlikely to have an up-to-date CV.

7. Don’t just redirect them to your website to complete an application form. Build a relationship with them first and ask them to come in to the office. You need just 5-7 referred candidates to convert to one new starter, so the odds are much better than any other recruitment channel. Worth fast-tracking!

8. Ask for referrals! Those who have been referred are much more likely to go on and refer others, so why not ask if they know anyone else? As soon as they accept your job offer they can be enrolled in the Care Friends app, so they can benefit from their referral straight away.

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