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Add Care Friends to your supervision checklist
Add Care Friends to your supervision checklist

Some team members need some extra support to register for Care Friends. Here's our guide to making Care Friends part of an everyday task

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Care Friends Champions are super busy. They need more staff to reduce stress and pressure. They also want their team to be able to earn more money. However, they are short of time.

The answer - include Care Friends in an everyday task.

By adding Care Friends to your supervision checklist, your Champions don't need to do an extra task, it's just included in something they already do.

One provider reported that 80% of their new app registrations came from including Care Friends in their supervision sessions. Here's how they did it...

Ask one of the following questions and take just 60 seconds to support a colleague to download the app and get started:

  • "Have you heard of Care Friends?"

  • "Have you downloaded the app and shared a job? If not, why not?"

  • "Other people are getting extra money, don't miss out!"

  • "It only takes a minute, let's do it together now"

Click HERE for a quick reminder of how to download the app

By giving this support to staff to register for Care Friends you can look forward to:

  • Access to bigger pool of potential candidates that are proven to be higher quality and stay longer

  • Growing your team to reduce stress and pressure

  • A better continuity and consistency of care for the people you support

  • Paying your staff extra money with Care Friends referral rewards and bonus points for going above and beyond

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