Why job sharing on social media is so effective

When your staff share jobs on social media, they are endorsing your organisation and telling their world “I love my job, come and work with me!” This employee endorsement is so much more powerful than a standard job ad, and when shared via social media, can reach far more potential applicants, many of whom may never have considered a job in care.

In his book, Saving Social Care, our founder Neil Eastwood explains, “With increasing pressure on care managers it can be hard to leave the office and engage with local people. But community networking is a great source of high quality potential staff. It reaches out to passive job seekers – those who could make excellent care staff if only it was suggested to them.”

Care Friends Superusers encourage their staff to share widely on social media to extend the reach of their job adverts and maximise their pool of potential candidates.

How to maximise the power of job shares on social media

With active job seeker candidate numbers at an all time low, there are some simple ways you can turbocharge your employee endorsement and community networking results:

Top tips:

  • Add your own feature image to your job ads to make them stand out from the crowd - click here to learn how to add a new feature image to your job ads

  • If you have more than one job ad, use a selection of feature images so that multiple jobs can be shared at once

  • Send a notification to your app users to remind them they can share jobs on social media – there’s a template ready and waiting in your portal and it takes less than 2 minutes to set up

How to encourage Expressions of Interest from the right sort of people

If you think your employees sharing job with lots of people on social media may reduce the quality of candidates, there are things you can do to limit applications from people that are not suitable:

Top tip:

Include specific candidate eligibility criteria, at the bottom of your job ad – remember to keep your wording chatty and friendly, for example:

Are you…

o A driver?

o Eligible to work in the UK?

o Keen to become part of a supportive and friendly team?

We’d love to hear from you!

Click here for step by step instructions to edit your job ad.

Although sharing on social media doesn’t always have the same one-to-one connection as a direct referral, it provides you with a community networking opportunity that can reach hundreds of local people without you having to lift a finger!

And, by sharing job ads with lots of their contacts rather than just one or two, your employees increase their chances of earning more referral points and to work with more of their friends, whilst also helping you grow your team -everyone wins!

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