Your team is super busy doing what they do best, so we've trialled difference ways of including Care Friends in their everyday tasks, rather than adding another thing to their to-do list.

Team meetings

Create a buzz in a team meeting and support each other to register. Successful organisations have reported 40% of their staff registering for the app during a team meeting.


Download and share our NEW STARTER PRESENTATION at a team meeting and spread the word that "recruitment is everyone's business".


Including a question about Care Friends in a supervision or appraisal has delivered 80% of new app registrations for organisations just like yours.


CLICK HERE to learn how to take 60 seconds out of a supervision to support a colleague to register.

New starter onboarding

Organisations who introduce the app throughout their onboarding journey, from interview to first day have 100% of their staff registered for Care Friends


Pre-authorise new starters to join your Care Friend app as soon as they accept a job offer from you and send them a JOIN CARE FRIENDS FLYER in your new starter welcome pack.


Super users with 100% uptake explain the benefits of Care Friends during training and don't let anyone leave until they have registered!

Care Friends super users EXPLAIN THE BENEFITS OF CARE FRIENDS in training sessions and ensure that everyone leaves training with the app in their phone.

SUPERCHARGE this tip by giving bonus points for completing training 🙌

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