The concept

The person who achieves the highest number of new candidate referrals in a set time period will receive a bonus points prize

Perfect for...

  • Increasing app activity

  • Increasing candidate flow

Things to consider

  • Continue to promote that sharing with people who share your organisation's values makes the biggest difference

  • You may want to specify that the winner will have made the most successful referrals (ie they are contacted and suitable to progress) to maintain quality

  • If you are a multi-site organisation, consider having a prize for a winner at each site for the best engagement


  • Your in-portal leaderboard is full of brilliant functionality to make managing a new candidate competition easy. CLICK HERE to learn how to filter your leaderboard and view new expressions of interest over a specific time period.

  • If you plan to specify that candidates need to be successful, instead of using your leaderboard, head to your candidate area and export a report to see who has made the most successful referrals in your chosen time period. CLICK HERE to learn more.

  • Award bonus points prizes in just a couple of clicks


This organisation ran a new candidate competition for a month with bonus points prizes for the person at each site who made the most referrals.

The chart below shows they had their highest ever expressions of interest during that period!

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