The concept

Increasing the number of points that are earned for referrals during a specific time period.

Perfect for...

  • Giving staff an extra incentive to make referrals

  • Creating a buzz about referrals

Things to consider

  • While we work on new functionality to make managing points events quick and easy, you will need to put in a little admin effort and monitoring during and after your points event


  • Promote your points event by downloading and sharing a points chart HERE

  • Monitor candidates who are referred during your points event by using the 'Date of EOI' filter in your Live Candidates and Starters areas

  • Award additional bonus points to your referrers when candidates who are referred during the event period are successful

  • Diarise regular checks of your candidate area after the event has finished to ensure you award the additional points as the candidates move through the hiring process and stay with you

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