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Introduction to the Online Booking Widget (3-min read)
Introduction to the Online Booking Widget (3-min read)

How your patients book appointments for themselves or others, leave insurance information, and add notes for the practice.

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The Online Booking Widget is a button/link that can be placed on your website, in SMS messages, in Emails, and on your Social Media pages. It allows your patients to easily submit an appointment request for specific availability in your schedule. 

💡 Refer to the help article How Donna Displays Available Times Online to learn about what times will be shown to your patients.

Using the Online Booking Widget

Understanding how your patients book online will help you when you are setting up Reasons, Practitioners, and Office Hours

To book online, your patient must complete the steps below:

  1. Open the Online Booking Widget from your website, SMS, or email

  2. Select appointment Reason

  3. Select preferred Practitioner (or no preference)

  4. Select Date and Time

  5. Opt to join the Waitlist (skip A and B if opting out)
    A. Select Available Days
    B. Select Available Times

  6. Sign In, Sign Up, or Reset Password

  7. Submit Request

Your patients can also use the Waitlist feature on the Booking Widget to submit their preferred appointment times. These patients can then be contacted when their preferred times become available.

To View The Waitlist

To view patients who opt-in to join the waitlist, go to Schedule > Waitlist

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