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How To Assign or Remove Practitioners To Online booking Reasons (2-min read)
How To Assign or Remove Practitioners To Online booking Reasons (2-min read)

Add, remove, or edit practitioners linked to reasons on the online booking widget

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๐Ÿ’ก If you haven't read How Donna Displays Available Times Online, it may be helpful to do so before proceeding with this article.

โ€‹Reasons must have assigned Practitioners performing that treatment or else your patients will not be able to book online. There are 2 ways to assign Practitioners to Reasons:

  1. Go to Account Settings > Reasons

  2. Select a Reason by clicking on one of the added reasons

  3. Select one or multiple Practitioner(s) who can be booked for this Reason in the Practitioners Performing This Reason section

  4. Click Save


  1. Go to Settings > Practitioners

  2. Select a Practitioner by clicking on a Practitioner's name

  3. Click on Reasons under the Practitioner's Settings (3rd option from the left under the Practitioner's name)

  4. Toggle ON Reasons the Practitioner can be booked online for (Purple is ON and Grey is OFF)

  5. Click Save

Follow the same steps and de-select any practitioners that you no longer want to assign to a given reason.

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