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How To Avoid Rejecting Online Appointment Requests
How To Avoid Rejecting Online Appointment Requests

Link online requests to existing appointments in your Practice Management Software instead of rejecting

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If you receive an online appointment request, but the appointment has already been created for that patient in your Practice Management Software (PMS), you can still link the request and the existing appointment.

This can be done even if the scheduled appointment details differ from the actual appointment request.


  • The date and time of the scheduled appointment were different than the online request

  • The provider was changed on the scheduled appointment

💡 If CareCru does not "write" to your PMS then you must follow steps 1 - 6 below for every online appointment request. If you are unsure if CareCru "writes to" your PMS, ask us via the chat icon at the bottom right of your window.

How to Link an Appointment Request

  1. Create the appointment for your patient in your PMS if it does not already exist

  2. Wait for a few minutes for the appointment to sync from the PMS to CareCru

  3. Go to the Online Request in CareCru and click Accept

  4. If an appointment already exists for the patient, a box will automatically appear titled Could this be the same appointment? with a list of all the scheduled appointments for the given patient

  5. Check the date and time of the appointment(s) shown to be sure they are the same as the one you are linking to

  6. Click the appointment you want to link to, then click Link Appointment

  7. A browser notification will appear at the top of your window confirming that you want to correct the appointment, click OK

  8. CareCru will ask if you want to send a confirmation email. We recommend clicking Yes unless the patient has explicitly asked not to receive an email. The date and time in the email will automatically be the date and time of the scheduled appointment (if different from the requested appointment).

(Steps 2 through 6)

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