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How to Set up Temporary Practitioners for Online booking
How to Set up Temporary Practitioners for Online booking

Maximize your practice's availability by opening your temporary practitioners' schedules via online booking.

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Temporary practitioners, or temps, are a mainstay of dental practices. These practitioners are often entered as Temp Hygienists in Practice Management Software (PMS). While you don't necessarily want your patients to book an appointment online with a practitioner by the name of Temp Hygienist, you still want to fill those schedules. Fear not, Donna is up to the task!

To hide a practitioner from the online booking widget but still make their availabilities show online:

  1. Go to Account Settings > Practitioners

  2. Select the Practitioner by clicking on the Practitioner's name

  3. Under the Personal Details, toggle ON the option Would you like to set this practitioner to be hidden on the booking widget?

  4. Click Save

What happens now? 

Your temps' schedules are now fully bookable online. Anytime your patients select No Preference when prompted to select a Practitioner, they will be able to book with ALL Practitioners assigned to the selected Reason, including temps.

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