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How to manage Online Booking Requests that no longer align with your current Schedule
How to manage Online Booking Requests that no longer align with your current Schedule

Learn the process of changing online appointment requests so that you do not need to reject them.

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At times, you'll receive an online booking request for an opening in your schedule. However, by the time you go to accept it, that time may no longer be available.

Instead of rejecting this appointment, and affecting your online booking conversion statistics, you can instead change the appointment time and still accept it.

For example, Jane requests an appointment for July 15th at 3pm. Based on your schedule, it would preferable for Jane to come in 30 minutes earlier. Once you have reached out to the patient and confirmed this new time works, just follow steps outlined below to update the appointment for the more suitable time.

Additionally, if you receive an online appointment request, but the appointment has already been created in your Practice Management Software (PMS), you can link the request and the existing appointment. 

➡️Note: these steps work for all PMS' with the exclusion of Dentrix, which has to link an existing appointment.

How to change an appointment request to a new time

  1. Accept the online appointment request

  2. An Accept Appointment pop-up will open, this is where you can now update the date and time or even the practitioner and chair

Now, your appointment will show accurately as accepted and converted into a booked appointment in your Online Scheduling report in the Intelligence section.

How to Link a request to an existing appointment

  1. Create the appointment for your patient in your PMS if it does not already exist

  2. Go to the Online Request in CareCru and click Accept

  3. If an appointment already exists for the patient, a box will appear titled Could this be the same appointment?

  4. Check the date and time of the appointment(s) shown to be sure they are the same as the one you are linking to

  5. Click the appointment you want to link to, then click Connect Appointment

  6. A browser notification will appear at the top of your window confirming that you want to correct the appointment, click OK

  7. CareCru will ask if you want to send a confirmation email. We recommend clicking Yes unless the patient has explicitly asked not to receive an email.

💡 If you receive several online booking requests that do not fit in your schedule, please contact or chat with our support team via the messenger icon at the bottom right of your window so we can address the root cause of the issue.

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