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How to Manage the list of Practitioners?
How to Manage the list of Practitioners?

This article will walk you through how to manage your list of active and inactive practitioners and remove any duplicate profiles

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The Practitioners list in CareCru is synced directly from your PMS, so in order to accurately have the list of Active vs Inactive practitioners and to remove any duplicate practitioner profiles, the best practice is to make this change in your PMS and CareCru will automatically sync that change.

If you are not sure how to differentiate between duplicate Practitioner Profiles, just slightly rename the duplicates in your PMS and changes will automatically sync to CareCru (allow between 1-5 mins). Then:

How to Review the List of Practitioners

1. Go to Account Settings

2. Click on Practitioners at the top

3. Review the Practitioners listing to find any duplicate profiles and to determine which one you'd like to keep active and which one(s) you'd like to inactivate/delete

4. Go to your PMS and make the appropriate changes

5. Once you have completed changes in your PMS, click on the Active Practititioners drop-down and review the List and count of Active practitioners to see if it matches your PMS

6. Go to the Schedule page and toggle to Practitioner View to see the status beside that name. If an active practitioner profile was set to inactive then reverse this change in your PMS to have this provider show as Active.

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