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How to Add Patients to the Waitlist
How to Add Patients to the Waitlist

Learn how to manually add patients to the Waitlist and how patients add themselves via the Online Scheduler

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There are currently 2 ways patients can be added to the Waitlist:

  • Manually by you - Through the platform

  • Online Scheduler - Patients can add themselves to the Waitlist while requesting an appointment online from your website (if applicable)

Manually Add a Patient to the Waitlist

As a CareCru user you can add a patient to the Waitlist by following these steps:

1. Go to the Schedule page
2. Click on the Waitlist button

3. Click Add Patient located on the top right

4. Enter the patient name and select the patient from the list of suggestions

5. Add Keys Dates:

  • Available From - If a patient is only available after a certain date or leave it blank

  • Available Until - Select from a list of upcoming appointments if a patient is looking to come in sooner than that appointment OR select a date from the calendar based on the patient's preference

6. Add the patient details:

  • Preferred Days

  • Preferred Times

  • Reason

  • Preferred Practitioner

  • Units

7. Add any Notes

8. Click Add to add the patient to the Waitlist.

How Patients add themselves to the Waitlist

Patients can add themselves to the Waitlist when requesting an appointment via the Online Scheduler installed on your website (if applicable).

Here is the patient's point of view and how this information can be viewed by you in the Waitlist.

1. Patients visit your website and click on your Online Scheduling widget. From there the can choose their appointment type:

2. After selecting a Date and Time they will be asked to Join your Waitlist:

3. They will then indicate their available Days and Times:

4. If not already signed in, the patient will be asked to Sign In to their account or Sign Up if they do not have one yet.

5. The patient will then receive a confirmation of the appointment request by email.

6. Once you have accepted or rejected the appointment, the patient will be notified via email of your action.

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