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How to enable Notifications
How to enable Notifications

This article will discuss how to enable pop-up notifications in your Google Chrome

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CareCru supports Notifications for the following features:

  • Virtual Waiting Room

  • Online Schedule Requests

  • Chat (text) Messages

  • Openings in Schedule

In order to ensure your operating system is set up correctly to allow these notifications, please follow the following guidelines set out by Chrome:

Click the link below:

Additional troubleshooting

If you still find that you are not receiving notifications, please check the following settings on your computer.


  • Go to the Start menu on your computer and search for Notifications & Actions

  • Ensure that Notifications are turned On, and when you expand the section, you can customize exactly how you want the notifications to be displayed (on the lock screen, play sounds

Expanded view:

  • Under Focus Assist, expand the selection

  • Ensure that this is turned Off

  • Further down on the same settings page, ensure that under Notifications from apps and other senders, Google Chrome is also turned On.

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