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How to Quickly fill a Cancellation from your Waitlist
How to Quickly fill a Cancellation from your Waitlist

Learn how to quickly fill short-notice cancellations from your existing patient Waitlist

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When you receive a short-notice cancellation, you want to be able to fill that appointment as quickly as possible.

You can accomplish this very quickly by navigating to your Waitlist from the Schedule page.

From here, select the date and time of the appointment you are looking to fill:

You will now be provided a list of all patients who match the availability criteria and you can select all patients, or you can select specific patients that you want to text.

Once you have selected your patients, click on the Text # Patients button:

The text modal will now pop-up. Note the following:

  1. The date and name will automatically append to your text message.

  2. The message is customizable each time you send a group text, however, anyone with the role of Owner will be able to set and save the standard default message for all users.

  3. Once you are happy with the text, click Send Text

After you have sent your messages, you will note that all patients will have their Last Messaged column updated with the last text sent date, and how many times you have texted them since being on the Waitlist.

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