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How to Use Waitlist Sort and Filter Settings
How to Use Waitlist Sort and Filter Settings

Learn how to use the different sort options and filter settings in your Waitlist

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The Waitlist feature under the Schedule module provides several different ways for you to sort and filter your Waitlist so you can narrow down your patients to quickly fill openings in your schedule.

To filter the list of patients on the Waitlist:

  1. Go to the Schedule page

  2. Click on Waitlist

  3. From the filter located at the top, first select the date you are looking to fill an open time for using the date filter

  4. Next, you can further filter the waitlist using several filtering options including:

    • Times: here you can select between Morning / Afternoon or Evening OR filter by a specific time/s

    • Reasons: here you can select specific appointment types

    • Practitioners: here you can select specific active practitioners

    • Units: here you can select a minimum and maximum units

Your waitlist will now update to indicate a list of patients based on the filters selected.

You can use the 'Clear All' button in each filter to clear individual filters or to remove all filters, click on the 'Clear All' located on the top row.

You want to fill a short notice cancellation for Thu, Sept 14th with Mr Molar at 4:00 PM.

The below filter selection will give you the list of patients that indicated their availability to fill this opening.

To use your Waitlist sort options:

  1. Go to the Schedule page

  2. Click on Waitlist

  3. Click on any of the header titles to sort alphabetically by that title.

    • Clicking once will sort from A-Z

    • Clicking again will sort from Z-A

      Note: only one sort option can be used at a time

💡After you have filtered your list, you can now:

  • Select patient(s)

  • Manually remove/delete patients

  • Text patients

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