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How to Test the Online Booking Widget
How to Test the Online Booking Widget

Test the online booking availabilities prior to or after going LIVE with online booking without going to your website

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After you have customized the Online booking setup, you can preview the complete setup and even submit a request to simulate the online appointment process both from a patient's point of view and from the practice's point of view.

To Access the preview in CareCru

  1. Go to Account Settings> Practice> Online Booking

  2. Scroll down to the section titled Online Scheduling Widget Preview and click the Preview button

Items to review/test

  1. Name and description of Reasons

  2. Names and Photos (if added) of Practitioners

  3. Availabilities: Spot check for a few days ahead of today's date for each Practitioner to ensure that the availability on the online booking coincides with the open times in that Practitioner's schedule

  4. Submit a test online appointment booking request to see how the request is received in CareCru and in your Practice Management software.

  5. Accept/reject the test online appointment booking request

💡We advise that you test the online booking widget periodically to ensure that the appointment availabilities are accurate for your patients to book their next appointment. Please contact the CareCru support team if you notice any discrepancies.

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