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Conversion Tracking for CareCru Online Appointment Requests
Conversion Tracking for CareCru Online Appointment Requests

In this article, you will learn about the sources that can be used to track conversions for CareCru online booking

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As CareCru customers you can track the effectiveness of your online booking marketing campaigns by using one or a combination of the following options -

1. Integration with Google Analytics (GA4) custom event tracking

When a patient submits a booking request, CareCru will send a custom event to Google Analytics if you have it installed

The events used in our code are -

Category – "CareCru Online Scheduler"

Action – "New Appointment Request"

Label – External ID > "Practice Name" > CareCru ACC ID (In priority order if one is not available)

Steps to setup event tracking using GTM

2. UTM Source, UTM Parameter, and UTM Campaign are all tracked so long as these are provided to the website via URL query parameters

  • Whatever is added to the URL will be stored in the respective columns in the CareCru database (ie. utmsource, utmmedium, utmcampaign)

3. Cookie Tracking

  • The following cookies are stored in the CareCru database– gaCookie, gclAwcookie, tymbrelFormCookie

4. Document “referrer” tracking

  • We pull the URLs that referred the patient to the website to book, and can also use this to break down by “source”

  • Stored as “referrer_url”

All the above give you many ways to break down the online booking data down by “source”.

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