The Corrections Officer Development Pathway (CODP) is the initial learning for new corrections officers and offender employment instructors. This starts with Ara Tika and continues for a period of 12 months. 

The CODP includes classroom based learning, self-led learning, practice in simulated environments and on-the-job learning.

While you're training your starting salary is $51,490 and as soon as you graduate, your salary increases to $54,001.

There are six phases of the CODP programme:

Phase 1: 

Ara Tika is a week-long induction programme designed to give new staff an understanding of what Corrections does and how they play their part in reducing re-offending. You will join with other new staff from around the country beginning their careers with Corrections in a range of frontline roles. The programme is conducted at the National Learning Centre in Upper Hutt, Wellington. Corrections will arrange and pay for travel, accommodation and food for any training that requires staff to be away from home.

Phase 2: 

New corrections officers continue their learning for three more weeks at the National Learning Centre. Learning is focused on custodial practice, safety and security. 

Phase 3: 

Assisted by a learning buddy and experienced staff from their unit, new corrections officers start to carry out duties on their prison site. This phase continues for four weeks.

Phase 4: 

This phase of learning is conducted at National Learning Centre for two weeks. New corrections officers undertake a series of scenario based assessments to assess their ability to perform the required practice areas effectively and the level of confidence they have in doing their job well. Also they will complete learning focused on offender management and supporting rehabilitation. At the end of the two weeks there is a graduation ceremony. 

Phases 5 and 6: 

Over the remainder of the year long pathway, new corrections officers gain work experience that will enable them to complete the National Certificate level 3 for Offender Management.

So you can plan your life, we'll supply the dates for each phase in your offer letter.

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