Corrections officer

You first start out as a corrections officer earning $54,001 which goes up to $63,420  As you develop experience,  leadership skills, and demonstrate willingness to be a role model and coach other officers, you may be able to apply move up the ranks to become a senior corrections officer. 

Senior corrections officer

As a senior corrections officer, part of your responsibility is supervising and supporting other corrections officers working on the same shift as you.    Salary range for this role is between  $68,445 to $72,210.

We do recommend to be in the role for 12-18 months before applying for senior corrections officer role given that it takes time to learn and master our policies and procedures. 

Principal corrections officer

Once you’re a senior corrections officer, you can then work towards applying to become a principal corrections officer. In this role, you’re responsible for managing a prison unit and team of staff to ensure a safe and secure environment that allows prisoners to take part in their rehabilitation activities.   Salary range for this role is between $77,234 to $81,004

Again, principal corrections officers need to be good leaders and willing to coach others, but they also need to have really good decision-making skills and the ability to build up a strong team. 

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